Starting a Blog

Update; 19 Feb 2011

For professional reasons I have decided to start a blog, in part to keep an online record of my ideas related to 3D art and to have a place for commentary from others. I will be keeping this as a separate entity to my other online roles such as editing wikipedia or general social media. As a summary for those that have come here independently of other sources, I am a 3D artist specialising in 3D Studios MAX, technical and real time art including assets, environments, scripting and general automation.

As mentioned above I will be posting ideas related to 3D art in the areas I work. At points I might also use this as a platform to release completed concepts to the public since this seems to be an accepted way of doing things these days.

All that said and done, I think I’m going to put that blog on my own host at;

-James Rowlands

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